About Us


About Us

Our contest is now closed.  THANK YOU to all of you around the world who had the passion and desire to be the Voice of Your Generation at the U.N. Climate Summit and for submitting your Why? Why Not? questions to us.

Climate change is real.

Dying coral reefs, disappearing glaciers, severe droughts, catastrophic typhoons, rising sea levels - a quick glance at the news on any given day is all it takes to realize conditions on our planet are rapidly shifting.

Even more troubling is a fact now supported by 97% of the world’s scientists – our behavior is to blame.

If we act quickly and collectively, however, there’s still hope.

So, as part of a global effort to solve the climate crisis, the United Nations invited the world’s leaders to a Climate Summit in New York on September 23, 2014.

It aimed to inspire climate action among governments, business, industry, finance, and society.

Why was this summit different?

Because, unlike others, it finally gave a voice to the generation with the most to lose from climate change …



About The Climate Reality Project

At The Climate Reality Project, we know solutions to climate change are right in front of us. We can create a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous future by making a global shift from dirty fossil fuels to clean, renewable energies like solar and wind.

Our leaders aren’t going to do it on their own. So we’ve brought together millions to make them, demanding a change with a collective voice so loud and forceful they have no choice but to help shape the clean energy future we need.

This Why? Why Not? campaign is an extension of those goals, aimed at giving members of future generations a voice in one of the world’s most important debates, and providing them with a forum to spread it.